Tribute to Anne Hill

Anne Hill with young learners, 2014. Picture: Chris Marais.

ANNE Hill, English language and literacy consultant to the HCET, has passed away, leaving a huge void at the Trust as well as in the lives of her family and friends.

She died suddenly on 21 July at her home in Greyton in the Southern Cape after a very short illness. She leaves her husband, Patrick; their daughter, Honoré; their son, Thomas; and five grandchildren.

For many years, Anne served as a specialist consultant to the HCET. She also wrote Trust and Hope: The Story of the Hantam Community Education Trust, an acclaimed book that has put the story the establishment and growth of the HCET on permanent record.

One of her most recent contributions to the Trust’s activities was to develop the storyline for the dance and music production celebrating the 30th anniversary of the HCET, staged in the Colesberg High School hall on 30 July 2019.

An online memorial was held on Saturday 8 August. In a moving tribute, Les Osler, the Trust’s Director, said: ‘I feel bereft and very sad that Anne is no longer with us, but also honoured to have been her friend for 60 years.’

After talking about their long-standing friendship, Les said she was also privileged to have witnessed Anne’s interaction with children at the Trust school.

‘She had a special gift, driven by her passion for education, and her understanding of each child was astounding. She could find a spark of brilliance in children who had otherwise been written off as “challenged”, and I watched time and time again how this changed those children’s lives.

‘She made an invaluable contribution to the Trust, and must be given credit for much of its success. She will live on in the history of the Trust as well as in our hearts.’

Anne Hill’s widely acclaimed history of the HCET.


Anne Hill during an inspirational Picture Writing session at the HCET, 2008. Picture: Riaan de Villiers.

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