Community participation

IN LINE with the HCET’s founding principle of shared responsibility, members of the local community have been closely involved in managing the project. Parents are elected on to a school governing body, which takes decisions about school policy, fund-raising, staff appointments, and discipline. Ongoing control is exercised by a management committee comprising the project co-ordinator, administrator, financial controller, project manager, and the school’s principal. A Board of Trustees oversees the Trust’s micro management.

Within this framework, parents have honoured their initial commitment to help sustain the project. Besides contributing towards transport fees, they have raised sums which have been used for playground equipment, books and science equipment; parents themselves decide how these funds should be spent. They also contribute ‘sweat equity’ by helping to develop and maintain the complex.

The project’s finances are strictly controlled. Donors and trustees receive annual audited financial statements as well as annual progress reports. Donor reporting requirements are strictly adhered to, and other donor conditionalities are strictly observed.