Visit from Tjhabelang

IN JULY 2013, the HCET received a visit from Engela Fourie, project manager of Tjhabelang, an educational project in Bloemfontein from ECD up to Grade 3. Following her visit, she wrote the following letter:

Dear Lesley

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Hantam once again and for explaining your operational plan. You and your team are a great inspiration, and have already played a major role in what Tjhabelang has accomplished up to now.

From our point of view, the visit was extremely fruitful; we now have a much clearer indication of how to proceed.We returned to Bloemfontein inspired but realizing the amount of dedication and hard work that lies ahead  if we want to bring about meaningful change in the Bainsvlei area.

In order to move forward, it is perhaps important for Suné van der Merwe, our principal, to visit the HCET very soon and if possible to stay for a day or more to observe how you implement the Basic Concepts Programme in the classroom context.

I realise the necessity for interventions such as the Basic Concepts Programme and others which you are utilising to enrich and improve the learning experience of our children, and to ensure more permanent change in the community.

Congratulations with what you have achieved; I was truly impressed and overwhelmed by the continuous growth of your project.

Kind regards

Engela Fourie

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