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Youth development

THIS PROGRAMME is aimed at providing learners who do not progress to further education and training with the technical and life skills which will enable them to find employment. It currently comprises accredited hospitality, computer and life skills training undertaken at the HCET Youth Development Centre in Colesberg, as well as a Farm Workers Apprenticeship Programme.

Hospitality services

The programme currently comprises a one-year course in hospitality services. Offered by a qualified trainer, the course is affiliated with the Steyns Culinary Institute in Pretoria, which is accredited by City & Guilds in London.

The course is open to all young people in Colesberg and the surrounding district. Applicants undergo a selection process.

The course includes both theory and practice, much of the latter done at hotels, retaurants and guest houses in surrounding areas. Each section of the course concludes with both practical and theoretical examinations. Graduates are provided with certificates from City & Guilds.

Graduates are assisted to complete CVs, and to find their first jobs. Their subsequent progress is monitored for three years. The Trust rewards graduates who persevere in their first jobs for more than a year with a bonus of R500 a year.

Computer training

Hospitality training has been amplified with computer training, which gives trainees access to a broader range of job opportunities. A computer centre has been added to the Youth Development Centre. The training programme is linked to the online computer course SkillWise Learning for Life. The SkillWise course is loaded on computers at the Youth Develoment Centre, and connected to the SkillWise centre in Cape Town for online tests and certification.

Farm Workers’ Apprenticeship Programme

farm workers apprenticeship programme

The HCET has started a Farm Workers’ Apprenticeship Programme for young people aged 18 and older. Six farmers in the district have ageed to participate in the programme. The apprentices are assigned to skilled farm workers, who act as trainers and mentors. The programme has been extended to two years. At the end of the second year, all apprentices will be assessed before being placed with farmers for a probationary period of one year.