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Mandela Initiative Conference

On 12—14 February 2018, Lesley Osler, the HCET Project Coordinator, and Estelle Jacobs, its Project Manager, attended a Mandela Initiative conference in Cape Town.

The Mandela Initiative is a multisectoral platform for investigating and developing strategies for overcoming poverty and inequality. It is a university-led national initiative, developed in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. For more information, see

Education officials observe HCET Special Needs classes

On 8 February 2018, three members of the Department of Education Inclusive Education Team from De Aar visited the Trust school to observe our Special Needs classes, and to discuss possible support.

They were very impressed with our Special Needs initiative, which is aimed at providing an enabling learning environment for children who cannot cope with the normal curriculum. Among other things, we have developed a dedicated Special Needs curriculum, which has been approved by the Department.

HCET welcomes new staff members

In January 2018, the HCET welcomed five new staff members, namely Lizandi Breytenbach (Grade 2), Catriona Cronje (Afrikaans), Ciska van Rensburg (Afrikaans, Natural Sciences), Gustav Schoonwinkel (Teacher Intern in Grade 3), and Sarita Burger (School Secretary). We hope their careers with us will be enjoyable and rewarding.