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FASD Annual Task Team Conference

On 7 September, Lesley Osler and Estelle Jacobs attended the FASD Annual Task Team Conference held in Cape Town. The conference was organised by FASD South Africa, a group of professionals working in the field of FASD in the Cape Town region.

The aim of the conference was to share information and the latest research findings on FASD among the various stakeholders. It was open to health care workers, psychologists, representatives of NGOs and NPOs, social workers, teachers, parents, foster parents or caregivcers of children with FASD.
The keynote speakers were:

    • Prof Denis Viljoen, medical geneticist at the University of Stellenbosch and founder of Foetal Alcohol Related Research)
    • Dr Tracey Naledi, Chief Director, Western Cape Department of Health
    • Berenice Daniels, Director of Inclusive and Specialised Education Support in the Department of Education
    • Sarah Barratt, Department of Education, former teacher and psychologist.

Among other things, the conference brougth to light the shocking fact that 28 per cent of learners in the Northern Cape are affected by FASD.