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A promising start

Like other educational institutions in the country, we're back in action. All classes began to run full time from 1 March, and our youth development programme for 2021 has got off to a promising start. Read more >>


Some learners return

On Wednesday 17 June 2020, some of our learners finally returned to school. After weeks of planning and preparation, various systems for ensuring the safety of both learners and teachers were in place. read more >>

Food parcels for karretjiemense

As part of its Covid-19 relief programme, the HCET is providing food parcels and other items to the Karoo nomad (karretjiemense) community based in an informal settlement outside Colesberg. Here, a member of the community appears with a food parcel as well as winter blankets.

Lockdown activity reports to donors

The HCET has compiled a series of activity reports to donors and other stakeholders, outlining its efforts to continue serving its learners, their parents, and the broader community during the Covid-19 pandemic. To access the latest reports, click here.

Donate now !

American Friends of Hantam Community Education Inc (AFHCE) receives international donations to the HCET. To make a dollar-denominated payment into the AFHCE Paypal account, either from your own Paypal account or with any internationally recognised debit or credit card, click on this button !

Hantam events

In memory of Anne Hill

Anne Hill, English language and literacy consultant to the HCET, has passed way, leaving a huge void at the Trust as well as in the lives of her family and friends. read more >>

HCET 30th anniversary celebrations

On 30 July 2019, we celebrated the HCET’s 30th anniversary with a wonderful production of dance and music in the Colesberg High School hall, depicting the journey of children from our humble beginnings to the present. read more >>

Follow our six steps to sustainable development

STEP ONE: An early start

Young children benefit from an effective parenting programme, followed by intensive early learning in a dedicated ECD centre.

STEP TWO: Quality schooling

Learners are taught by highly trained teachers using specialised teaching methods, aimed at achieving high levels of literacy and numeracy.

STEP THREE: Further education

Successful learners are given bursaries for further education and training, and receive continued guidance and support.

STEP FOUR: Youth Development

Young people who do not continue their formal education benefit from a focused youth development programme.

STEP FIVE: Community health

Learners and their families receive home visits from health workers, and benefit from a community health clinic and pharmacy.

STEP SIX: Community participation

Parents and other community members support the Trust, and are actively involved in its governance.

The HCET live

HCET 30th anniversary celebrations

Herewith a video of the dance and music production celebrating the HCET’s 30th anniversary, depicting the journey of children from our humble beginnings to the present.

Thembinkosi's journey

The HCET has commissioned a short video that encapsulates the essence of its mission. It traces the life of Thembinkosi Matyeka, who rose from a labourer’s cottage in the district to become junior South African champion welder. As Thembinkosi says, ‘Not bad for a kid from the Karoo!’